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Posted on 09/15/2022

Yu Cangsheng

"Exactly," Ruiyao gestured with her fingertips hidden in her long sleeves. Feng Jun remembered that she was going to salute. She still knelt down and said in a loud voice, "Cao Min Yue Feng Jun sees my emperor, long live. Phoenix queen thousand years old, thousand years old, thousand years old. The grass people have lived in the mountains for a long time, and the etiquette is rusty. Please forgive the emperor. (Khan, a certain Yu is set to shout "Long live a thousand years", and everyone will mind.) The words are respectful, but the tone and posture are not respectful at all. It's just that the inner room is full of divine officials, who don't care much about secular things, and Feng Hou has a headache for a series of things, so she doesn't care about these trivial things. Just as it is the common fault of people outside the world, he said lightly, "No courtesy. Please ask the doctor to feel your Majesty's pulse immediately." "Yes." …… Sansheng robbery The voice did not fall, far from the sound of footsteps running, the silent crowd outside the hall noisy for a moment and quiet down, only scattered whispers. The voice was getting closer and closer, but the messenger did not know why there was no voice for a long time. The palace attendant beside Queen Feng asked in a loud voice, "Who broke into the palace and lost his manners before the emperor?" "Hui Yu Shi is Lord Liu, the divine officer of Si Tianjian. You can't.." Zilin's slightly frightened voice suddenly stopped. As soon as the door of the hall opened and the breeze came in, the overlapping gauze curtains floated up. A woman with pale temples and a dark purple official uniform ran in breathlessly. Before she could stand still, she knelt down with a splash and said intermittently,beam impact tubes, "I, Liu Mei, have something important to play.". It's a matter of great importance and great urgency. Your Majesty, please forgive me for the loss of manners. Feng Jun only thought about how to drag for a while before these gods left, so that Qingyu could follow him and keep more than ten feet away from them (Qingyu hid his weak evil spirit and was not found by the gods). Who would have thought that there was no time for them to start quickly, and that someone would come within half an hour of their heart's message. Put down the heart and have time to care about other things, secretly thinking about breaking into the door of the temple only a few words to send, it is really rude. Feng Jun did not know that although the divine officer of Si Tianjian received the salary of the imperial court, he was only half of the temple. They usually watch the stars and calculate the calendar,side impact beams, never participate in political affairs, only several major sacrificial activities every year and various occasions requiring divination. The great God was even more aloof, and even the emperor had to be courteous. The harem was not allowed to interfere in politics, and the queen Feng did not say a word. Rui Yao saw this veteran God officer is also startled, a few days ago the mother emperor poisoning has not yet woken up and did not see how they are. He had no choice but to hold up Liu Mei in person. "Lord Liu is so polite," he said gently. "Why are you so flustered?" That Liu Mei stood up and thanked her, and did not speak to her, but slightly sideways to the six gods around the emperor's dragon bed in a hurry, and even a little incoherent to explain the situation, "crape myrtle star light flickering, all the astrolabes in Sitianjian reversed half an hour and returned to their original state!"! A fire broke out in a civilian house in the west of the city, and witnesses and officers and soldiers guarding the city came to report that the smoke was in the shape of a python, and all those in contact fainted! At present, the casualties are unknown, and people in the city of Dingkun are in a state of panic. The great God called all the members of Sitianjian back. Then he knelt down again and said, "Please give me permission!" When she had finished the first sentence, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, the priests sitting on the ground got up one after another. As soon as Liu Mei knelt down, the silver-haired old lady and several others knelt down again. "It's a matter of great importance," they said in unison. "Please give me permission!" The situation of the emperor now depends on the God to maintain, they all walk out at a draught, Rui Yao is very embarrassed, "you also know the situation of the mother emperor, this.." This is not a request, it is clearly coercion, Feng Jun aimed around the palace attendant quietly rolled his eyes, even if Rui Yao did not promise them to leave, but also to help themselves. The fortune of the stars and the fate of the country is a matter of state affairs. Tai Nu is at ease. The grass people are confident that they can save your majesty. "Oh?"? Can you be so sure without asking for the pulse? If Your Majesty has something, how can the Moon Doctor explain it? As soon as this remark was made, all the people turned their heads to look at it. Feng Hou even questioned loudly through the curtain, and the word "miraculous doctor" was read out with clenched teeth, which was quite threatening. No one can make fun of the emperor's life, Si Tianjian has always been concerned about the people's livelihood, who is the emperor is not important, as long as it is not a fatuous monarch. So they can say go, anyway, there is a woman to support, the state flag down, no one can say anything. Feng Jun has no background, although he is a disciple of the divine doctor, in the end there is no fame, the words hit the muzzle of the gun. At this time, Feng Hou made a sound, as if the temperature of the room was suddenly low. Knowing that all the people were staring at him, Feng Jun was still calm. Qingyu took a look at the emperor and told her that although it was troublesome, the poison could be cured. After hearing Feng's questioning, she paused and confirmed to Qingyu that she had just opened her mouth. Although her tone was light, her words were extremely rude and arrogant, which was diametrically opposed to the temperament of floating in the world. "If I say I can save it, I can save it. If I can't save anyone in the world, no one can save it!" "Bold!" Arrogant attitude and arrogant words so that the people around a surprised, did not wait for the master to react to come over, there has been a palace attendant loudly shouted, "lie to deceive you, what crime should be?" "I don't know what's the crime of lying and deceiving you." Feng Jun glanced at the palace attendant who scolded him with a bulging mouth. He couldn't help smiling. Although he looked as beautiful as a banished immortal, it was a big irreverent sin to put it here. His tone was still light. "It's just that I didn't lie or deceive you. What's the crime?" Although she was ready to enter the officialdom court to help Ruiyao, she did not want to be constrained too much. On the one hand, it is for the sake of cheap, and on the other hand, it is more convenient to leave later. Therefore, at the beginning, it is necessary to give people the feeling that they are out of the world, not bound by ethics, and have a wild and uninhibited personality. Sure enough, the palace attendant was blocked by her words, did not expect someone to pick up his words like this, his face immediately rose red. The rest of the people with status are naturally more knowledgeable, all of them just want no one to dare to play with their lives. Those gods put the emperor here to deal with things from the heart actually more perturbed, Feng Jun so determined attitude can not help but eliminate their doubts. Ruiyao came out again to smooth things over. She knew that the divine official was going to leave,Precision steel tubes, so she only nodded to Fengjun and said, "Of course, the medical skills of the disciples of the divine doctor are credible. Please feel the pulse for the mother emperor." 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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