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Posted on 09/20/2022

Yulong Meihaoke-Duguhong _ txt Novel Paradise

After drinking the wine, several old ladies revealed a secret that had been hidden from people for a long time. The East Chamber was a temporary new house, which had been decorated for a long time. It was all new, and the wedding candles were lit. Then, everybody is hugging a pair of newlyweds to enter bridal chamber again, just part happily till midnight. This night, the big gift has been done, the bridal chamber can not be described by pen and ink. Only Yan Mufei and Wei Hanying know the taste. The other couple, Xiao Hei and Da Niu, hid under the wall outside the courtyard, snuggling together, whispering, affectionate and sweet. Mouth. Mouth The next day, the sun rises, under the respect of everyone, Yan Mufei and Wei Hanying walked out of the courtyard, perhaps hungover, Wei Hanying Jiao red, that mature charm, can not say how moving. At noon, the two of them entered Wanping County. While walking, Wei Hanying said, "Leaving everyone is like entering another world. Mufei, how do you think we can go to the Jin family?" "What do you think?" Asked Yan Mufei. "If you want to follow me," said Wei Hanying, "just force your way in." Yan Mufei said,faux ficus tree, "We can rush by force, but we can't go all the way." "What do you mean?" Asked Wei Hanying. Yan Mufei said, "At present, we dare not assert that Jin is Duanmufang, and he can't imagine that we will come to him. But once we come to him, if he is Duanmufang, he will have to run away. So one of us must stay outside and wait to intercept him." "That's right," said Wei Hanying. "Who will go in and who will stay outside?" "Of course I'll go in," said Yan Mufei. "You stay outside." Wei Hanying nodded slightly and said, "All right!"! I listen to you. Yan Mufei said,large artificial blossom trees, "When the time comes, there will be more than one wooden square running. Don't hurt innocent people too much." "All right," said Wei Hanying, "I'll listen to you." "That's settled," said Yan Mufei. "Let's find a place to sit down." Wei Hanying was surprised and said, "Find a place to sit down." Yan Mufei said with a smile, "In broad daylight, do you want to shock the world?" Wei Hanying smiled with relief. Talking and laughing, the two of them entered a wine shop. As soon as they entered the door, one of them stood up, lowered his head, and went out. Yan Mufei was sharp-eyed and recognized at a glance that it was Jiao Tianchong, the third-class guard of the Jin family. "Master Jiao, I haven't seen you for a long time. Hello!" He said with a smile. Jiao Tianchong raised his face and laughed in panic: "Yo!"! Who do I think it is? It's Yan. "Yan Mufei, ploughman!" Said Yan Mufei. "Yes, it's Brother Yan," said Jiao Tianchong. "Please sit down.. I'm in a bit of a hurry. Excuse me. He leaned to go. Yan Mufei stretched out his hand and said, "I haven't seen you for a long time. It's a big deal. We should talk about it before we go." Startled, artificial grass panels ,large ficus tree, Jiao Tianchong forced a smile and said, "Brother Yan, I'm really sorry.." "Don't say too much," said Yan Mufei, holding his wrist pulse. "Come in and sit down with me." Jiao Tianchong's face changed greatly and he failed to break free. Instead, he snorted and let Yan Mufei walk in hand in hand. Yan Mufei sat down at the table where Jiao Tianchong was sitting, took Jiao Tianchong's hand and put it on the table, inviting the waiter to order a few dishes. When the waiter left, Yan Mufei said, "Master Jiao, sit down and have a drink with me. If you think you can't beat me, don't move. Otherwise, you're asking for trouble and suffering!" He let go, and Jiao Tianchong's face turned white, but he did not move again. In a twinkling of an eye, the waiter brought the food and wine. As soon as Jiao Tian grasped the opportunity, he raised his breath and rushed forward, but as soon as he moved, he got a finger on his waist and eyes. As soon as his True Qi was released, he could not move at once. Dude set up the food and wine and left. Yan Mufei looked at Jiao Tianchong and said with a smile, "Master Jiao, am I right?"? Meet each other. My pink friend is Miss Wei, the Jade Girl of Bingxin. It was she who made you just now, not me. "Ice Heart Jade Girl" four words into the ear, Jiao Tianchong face is a change. Yan Mufei poured him a glass of wine and said, "Life is very short. There are not many such moments.". Master Jiao, if you have wine and food, just sit with me. When the time comes, I will let you go. Why not? Why do you have to ask for trouble? Drink, drink. ” Said to raise the glass, Jiao Tianchong dare not drink, he only felt the same kind of wine, before now very different, now this wine bitter hard to swallow. If you want to run now, it's the widow's dead son, and there's no hope. He could only look out longingly, hoping that someone of his own would suddenly come outside. After drinking a glass of wine, Yan Mufei added, "Master Jiao, you may know that I always say one thing and count one thing. As long as you are honest, I promise I won't be difficult for you. But if you are not honest, don't blame me for hurting innocent people.." After a pause, he asked, "I'll ask first. Does Master Jiao know me?" Jiao Tianchong nodded his head two points reluctantly. "Do you know who I am?" Asked Yan Mufei. Jiao Tianchong nodded again. "Who is it?" Asked Yan Mufei. Jiao Tianchong nodded again, but still did not speak. Wei Hanying moved his hand away from the table. "It's Master Yan," said Jiao Tianchong. "What else?" Asked Yan Mufei. Jiao Tianchong was so cunning that he secretly raised his breath and shouted when he opened his mouth. But he couldn't get faster than Wei Hanying. As soon as he opened his mouth, Wei Hanying's hand touched his waist and eyes. He said coldly, "My finger is sharper than a knife!" Jiao Tianchong hurriedly changed his tune and said, "And, and, I'm looking for our host!" "Do you know why I'm looking for your boss?" Asked Yan Mufei. Jiao Tianchong shook his head and said, "I don't know. I just heard the owner say that we should guard against it." "Against whom?" Asked Yan Mufei? Guard against me? Jiao Tianchong nodded and said, "Yes!" "Then I'm right," said Yan Mufei with a sudden smile. "His surname shouldn't be Jin." After a pause, he asked, "How much do you know about your employer?" Jiao Tianchong shook his head and said, "I don't know anything!" Yan Mufei smiled and said, "Really?" Jiao Tianchong didn't dare to look at him and smile. "Master Yan,faux grass wall," he said, "I mean.." "What's his last name?" Asked Yan Mufei. "I know that," said Jiao Tianchong. "His surname is Jin and his name is.." 。 hacartificialtree.com

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