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About  MagnetBlox

MagnetBlox™ is a company that was established in 2020, driven by a team of fathers whose enduring captivation with magnets from their childhoods inspired them to create something unique. 

The pivotal experience of prolonged periods at home during the global pandemic underscored the significance of toys that facilitate children's learning and provide an engaging and entertaining experience. Since its foundation in 2020, MagnetBlox™ has sold over 350,000 blocks. Check out some of our products as follows:

  • Standard Set
  • Mega Set
  • Inflatable Blox
  • Deluxe Build (2 X Standard)
  • Master Build (3 X Standard)
  • Individual Blox
  • MagnetBlox™ Gift Card

MagnetBlox™ is proudly a STEAM toy that supports active play, critical thinking, and building together and gets kids off the screen. It facilitates interactive and engaging educational experiences, catering to therapy centers, schools, waiting rooms, STEM labs, Montessori classes, and even home learning environments.

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