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About DUI Law Firm Denver

DUI Law Firm Denver brings some of the most brilliant criminal defense minds to your case... pros who've seen it all, and who know how to attack the other side's case on your behalf.

Many DUI cases never go to trial. The experts at DUI Law Firm Denver know how to do everything that can be done to get you the best possible outcome without having to appear in court.

But if the only way to get you that best outcome is to argue the case in court, DUI Law Firm Denver is not afraid to take your case to trial, where we'll fight tenaciously to help you prevail. We do it all the time. You need the best Denver DUI attorney you can find!

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DUI Law Firm Denver Blog Articles

What are the chances of getting a DUI dismissed

What are the chances of getting a DUI dismissed - DUI Law Firm DenverThe chances of getting a DUI charge dismissed are very slim. When people come to see us about being represented...

Posted on 09/20/2022

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Drug Defense in Denver - Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

Drug Defense in Denver - Driving Under the Influence of DrugsLearn more here https://duilawfirmdenver.com/drug-defense-attorney-denver/With the legalization of medicinal and recreational...

Posted on 08/11/2022

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How Long Does It Take To Get Alcohol Test Results - DUI Law Firm Denver

There are two kinds of tests that maybe perform for testing for alcohol. The first is a breath test. Colorado uses intoxilyzer 9000 to conduct their breath testing. If you choose to...

Posted on 07/13/2022

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You Visited Colorado and Got a DUI, What Now - DUI Law Firm Denver

Whatever the case, this can be a stressful and uncomfortable time especially when this state is not your own and you now have to address the time, and consequences associated with...

Posted on 06/22/2022

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Can you get a DUI in a parked car? - DUI Law Firm Denver

Unfortunately the answer is Yes. This comes as a big surprise to poeple but they usually don't find out that this is true until they get a DUI for sleeping in their car.The law...

Posted on 05/24/2022

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What is a reckless driving ticket, and why did I get one?

A reckless driving ticket is issued when it is alleged that you drove a motor vehicle with a wanton or willful disregard for the safety of persons and/or property. This charge can...

Posted on 04/13/2022

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Why Request A DMV Hearing? - DUI Law Firm Denver

Emilio De Simone, a DUI Defense Attorney in Denver discusses why we request a DMV hearing.We almost always request a DMV hearing and we primarily do it for two reasons:1. If there...

Posted on 04/01/2022

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Do I have a right to an attorney before deciding whether or not to cooperate with an officer asking for any kind of DUI test?

Finish watching the video to learn if it is a YES or NO.Will it result in refusal to cooperate or is it voluntary?Knowledge is power to this kind of thing so please watch the video.Always...

Posted on 03/09/2022

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What are the limits for a DUI? - DUI Law Firm Denver

When your blood alcohol content is 0.08% or higher, you're considered legally impaired in the U.S. While you are certain to be arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence...

Posted on 03/08/2022

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Criminal Defense Attorney Denver - DUI Law Firm Denver

Facing criminal charges? You've come to the right place. Whether you are arrested for a crime against a person, property or any other offense Emilio De Simone can help.When you...

Posted on 02/09/2022

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