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Posted by Anchor Man on 11/24/2022

13 lbs Boat Anchor (Upto 23' Boats)


Anchorman 13 lbs Boat Anchor for Offshore Anchoring

Anchoring your boat using this 13 lbs boat slide anchor is extremely easy and happens within seconds & within 1 foot of the drop-off/landing point. The anchor is designed to make it work itself without needing much attention. Whether you are offshore or in a lake on a windy/current situation, you just need to toss this box shape 13 lbs anchor and it will set up automatically.

Once you have tossed the anchor and it reaches the bottom down the water, its claws will hold in their direction and hold the boat firmly. Offshore boat anchoring has been really easy using this technique and is really helpful rather than conventional boats anchoring. Due to being a square anchor, total 4 anchor teeth will hold on the ground really strong and will keep your boat steady on water. When you need to keep absolute stable on the water, this is the only equipment that helps you to do.

Here are a few things in short, that will help you

SIZE & WEIGHT: This is 13 lbs square boat anchor. This item is extremely reliable and holds your boat immediately. Recommended for boats long (Length) up to 18’ - 23’ (feet).

MATERIAL & FINISHING: This anchor for boat is made from pure steel and is perfectly galvanized. Hence the item is corrosion resistant and lasts longer without rusting.

NO CHAIN REQUIRED; PERFECT UNDERWATER ADJUSTMENT: Whether you are experience strong wind or water stream, this anchor will adjust its placement automatically and hold your boat just perfectly. Works perfectly in any kind of underwater bottom surface. No additional adjustment needed, just toss it and it will set automatically.

EASY & COMPACT STORAGE: This item is foldable and folds down to a straight steel bar, making is very easy for storage in your boat

EASY UN-ANCHORING & RETRIEVAL: Bring the boat on the top of the anchor and lift the anchor just vertically. It will easily pop out from the bottom so that you can easily lift it up.

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